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OUR MISSION: At MarvelousArtworks you will find a relaxed and friendly environment where you can learn about the multifaceted graphic program PaintShop Pro. We strive to provide you with quality lessons from beginners to advanced/expert that includes everything from still to animated images. Our Mission is to have you enjoy and have fun learning and creating. We are always looking for new graphic techniques to use, and motivation for creativity and would like to include a few more like-minded members. We are a small community that is strong in our faith and we treat each other like respected members of our family.

WHERE TO REGISTER: We would love to have you register at MARVELous Artworks by clicking on the Register button on the top right side of the forum.

WHO WE ARE: (PaintShop Pro Learning Forum): MARVELous Artworks is a graphics forum where you can learn how to use Corel's (formerly Jasc) PaintShop Pro (PSP) graphics and photo manipulation program. But, there is more to PSP than just that.

MARVELousArtworks is primarily a graphics teaching forum. We do, however, have some members who share pictures with us and chat but do not participate in the graphics. Most of our lessons are written using Jasc, PaintShop Pro version 9, but many members and instructors use earlier versions and later versions up to Corel’s PSP 18. We are a private forum that offers a variety of lessons from Beginners to Advanced/Expert, and includes all we have discovered of what the PaintShop Pro program has to offer--and we are always discovering more that can be done with this versatile program.

WHAT WE OFFER: With the hundreds of PSP Lessons and over 90 Animation Lessons, we offer a wide variety of avenues for beginners to learn PaintShop Pro and more seasoned users to expand their knowledge. All of our lessons are FREE and include instruction on how to create vector drawings, pixel art, selections, digital painting, tags, —signature and avatars, coloring pages, creating tubes, watermarks, installing plugins, and MUCH more!

We offer a variety of figures, images, embellishments for your use (all made by our staff and/or members), but we do allow other artwork as long as the images are copyright compliant. We are a COPYRIGHT COMPLIANT forum and insist that all work be properly credited—. This means you know where the image came from AND that the copyright holder allows use of their work. We offer guidance to those learning about how to be copyright compliant.

We offer all our lessons with no time constraint. You must check into your lesson thread at least once per month, but there is no time limit on how long it takes you to finish a set (typically 25-30 lessons). Being a small family oriented forum, we understand life can throw you some curves and PSP gets put on the back burner.


  • Animations using Animation Shop, including how to optimize
  • Backgrounds and Tiles — how to create your own
  • Blending and layer manipulation
  • Brushes — import, export, variances, types
  • Buttons and Logos
  • Copyright knowledge and understanding
  • Digital Painting with a mouse
  • Fonts & Plugins — how to add and use, creative use of Fonts
  • Graphic and Photo Manipulations
  • Masks, using and creating
  • Misting images
  • Pixeling — creating pixel drawings and images
  • Presets — shapes, lines, and bevels, etc.
  • Saving Images—image extensions and what they mean
  • Scripts — using and creating
  • Tiles—how to create both seamless, non-seamless, animated tiles
  • Tools—how to use opacity, density, alias/anti-alias, color palettes, selections-magic wand/free style, etc., Warp tool, smudge, push, lighten/darken and many more
  • Tube creation — “how to” tube an image
  • Vector images, working with vectors
  • Watermarks — how to credit what’'s yours and what belongs to others

Let your creativity come out using your computer, mouse, and PSP.
Come on in and check us out. If you like what you see, then register... if not, then thanks for looking!
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Made with vector shapes in PSP. You can do it too!



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Fig.1 - Misting three images and tubes into one photo.

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Fig.2 - Vector shapes create a family in the park.

 photo animated pixel town.gif
Fig.3 - Pixel art with animation to create a little mushroom village.

 photo selections girl.png
Fig.4 - Using Selections to create images and tubes.

 photo strawberry digital painting.png
Fig.5 - Digital painting using your computer mouse.

 photo animated frog and fly.gif
Fig.6 - Putting frames together to create an animation.